Tuesday, October 27, 2009

.3.5 months till we meet daily

Last day of the Semester (Monash University, Caulfield Campus).

Where did all the time go!!?!?!?!!? I was just starting to get the hang of first semester and am actually enjoying it!

Sigh.. 1st semester is over.. That means I have only got 3 more semesters to go.. I know it sounds really long but to me, it will be over in a blink.. And I don't want that to happen....yet!

I'll still be dropping by uni this Friday to turn in my assignments, but I reckon I'll only get to stay for less than an hour unless I decide to sit at uni to work on another assignment, which is due next Friday..


Am I the only one who's actually not looking forward to the 3-month summer break???

I don't want to enroll myself in summer units too, because that means I'll get to graduate early.. Well.. I guess the reason why I don't want this to be over is because I have met some really great people over the past 3 months (you guys know who you are!)..

Gosh.. I enjoy being busy! It's so fulfilling.. And I think some of the assignments that I have done over the semester are actually portfolio-worthy, especially the final project in film class – everyone seem to like what we have done! Click here if you haven't already watched it!

Hmm.. All good things have to come to an end... :\


But anyways, I have already got stuff planned for the summer.. I'm hoping to complete an unfinished project before uni starts, and at the same time I am planning to create something... *fingers crossed* I don't plan to reveal anything right now but I will later on. ;)

Okay, back to assignments.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

.my first encounter with alcohol/drug test on-the-go

Individual (photo taken in 2008).

..Umm, you know, where 20 policemen's (why do they need so many stationed in one section anyway?) would stand around, holding one of those breath tester thinger to check how much alcohol or drugs drivers have had?


I'm 22 going 23 in less than a month. Oct 17th, 2009 marks the day when I'd first encounter one of those things. I had nothing to worry about since I haven't had alcohol in like, 8 months.. Chinese cooking wine don't count as alcohol, does it?

I wasn't worried at all when I got tested, because I knew my conscience was clear (and still is). My purpose of driving today was just to get me from home to uni for a group assignment.

It was just a normal day.

What amused me was that I got tested TWICE in a day, once at around 12.55pm, and another at around 6.50pm, a mere 6-hour gap.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

.you snooze you lose

You snooze you lose!!!

I woke up this morning without hesitation.. And checked my phone for the time, as usual.

"Oh.. It's 10.54am..... wait.. What!?!? 10.54am!?!?! Tuesday!?!?!?!!!"


"*Pinch cheeks* Am I dreaming? Is this a dream????? *Pinch* Noooo, it's not a dream!!!!!! F***!!!!!!!"

10.54AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOO DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was supposed to be up by 7.20am!!! Especially today, since we are supposed to present our corporate identity stuff to a real client – a CEO, who was coming in today. What the f*** happened to the eff-ing alarm clock!!?!?!!!

A friend from class messaged and gave me a call but my stupid phone was on flight mode! Damn!!! I shouldn't use flight mode anymore, at least not on the night before an important day!

I text messaged my friend to ask if the client has arrived yet.
"okay this is bad. My alarm didn't go off. Have you guys started?" I typed (frantically).
"Not yet. But he's coming at 11. See ya!" She replied.

I dash to the bathroom, washed up, got dressed, and did some final touches. It only took 10 minutes for me to get ready this morning. I dash towards the tram stop right across my apartment, got on the next available tram (even though it was crowded) and got off at Flinders St. Station.

"FFFFFFFFFFF. I'm screwed I'm screwed I'm screwed!!!!!!!"

My friend reassured me (by text) that I will get there on time, because he was slowly going through with each and every students about their logo proposal.. And have saved me one of the very last seats. I owe her one!!!

I looked towards platform 8 for one of the Frankston limited express trains.. Yep, there's one.. AND IT'S THERE!!!! "RUN, SANDRA, RUN!!!!!!!!!!" I made yet another dash towards the train. "Phew, I made it!"

..Managed to get to uni 15 minutes later.. The first thing I did when entering the studio was look for the CEO.. I thought I didn't made it until I saw his back on one corner. He was talking to one of the students.

"Wow.. I.. Actually made it?"

My group of friends started laughing (in a good way of course) as I walked towards their work desks.

Oh.My.God. That was a close one!!!!! And I am still traumatized by it!!!!!! :\

Lesson #1: Never turn off your phone or leave it on flight mode the night before an important day!!!
Lesson #2: Use a proper digital alarm clock. Get multiple clocks if possible.

What a day!!!

But at least there was one good piece of news... The apartment I have applied for has been approved!!! Yay!!! Just few storeys down from my current one!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

.to click or not to click?

5 minutes ago, I was attempting to book an air ticket back home for the big day...

And 1 minute ago, I closed the website without confirming my booking.

..Yup, I am still waiting to see if I am allowed to take the exam early.. After all, it's just one exam and I'm currently doing reasonably well for that unit...

I don't know when I will be notified... It's a 50-50 right now and I have no guts to click "confirm booking" on the airline website. I am afraid that I'll jinx my chance badly if I do buy a ticket now...

But even so, I have a really bad feeling about this.. But I'm still going to go no matter what, even if it means being late for my exam on the next day.

I know my reason for taking the exam early isn't as valid as those who have been seriously ill or have been going through some bad personal/family issues, but I feel that my reason is just as important as those mentioned above.

Sigh.. If only the exam date was set a day later, I could still make it back for the event and return on time for my paper...

There's nothing I can do right now I guess, except to finish up my assignments and pray with faith..

*fingers crossed*

Thursday, October 8, 2009

.the painful wait

The black CBD.

I am supposed to be working on my assignments right now.. But instead, I am just sitting in front of the computer, restless, staring at my Inbox and waiting for the news.

The news.

Yes, the news.

I HAVE to be back by the 15th November no matter what. And I am desperately wanting to be there.. For his big day.

It's a once in a life time thing.. I need to be there for him, just as the other family members would.

..But.. This isn't my decision – I can't make the decision. Someone will...

Please let me take the exams early.. I don't care how early it is, I HAVE to be there!!!
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