Sunday, March 28, 2010

.earth hour 2010

Melbourne CBD between 8.30pm – 9.30pm (GMT+11)

This is my 3rd consecutive year participating in the Earth Hour 2010. It's not that hard really, all I need to do is turn off the lights for an hour.. I wish we could do this every month or something!

I was just finishing up dinner during Earth Hour. Decided to take some photos in the middle of it.. I think I took over 20 shots but only 4 turned out upload-worthy. Oh well.

And after dinner, I dig around for some candles and match sticks. After lighting them up, I treated myself a slice of cheese cake, and watched the candles while I gobble up the cake.

I hope your Earth Hour was just as good as mine. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

.lecture hall


Guess what? I spent 2 bucks on a lomo camera application for my iPhone yesterday... And for those of you who know me well enough, I wouldn't normally spend all my money on applications – 95% of my apps are free. :P

The image above was taken in digital media authoring lecture yesterday. For some reason, not many students showed up that's why it looks pretty empty.

I won't want to skip any of the lectures, since this is actually my very last semester in a lecture hall, since multimedia students often spend their class hours doing studio work..

Monday, March 22, 2010

.4th week

Moomba Fireworks.

So this is my 4th week back in Melbourne.. Time really flies doesn't it! Once again, I'm sorry I haven't been updating much, my emotions for the past few weeks was like a roller coaster...

I think I'm starting to get used to this.. Hopefully.. But I'm still having a bit of trouble with time management – I don't seem to have enough time at all! There are always dishes in the sink, the bathroom needs cleaning, half of my bed is covered with clean laundries, the stove needs to be cleaned, etc.. How does everyone manage to allocate time for house chores???

But, anyways, everything about Melbourne is great, except for the food and public transport.. and I'm glad to be here.

I'll update again when I can, in the mean time, I am just going to be spending a lot of time getting rid of my assignments and learning to do house chores more efficiently (I'm so not a housewife

Friday, March 19, 2010


GWK Cultural Center, Bali, Indonesia.

Have you watched Avatar and like it so much, that you would watch it again/have watched it again? What about this - do you have a friend who had not watched it and kept asking you what the movie's about?

What did you answer? Could you explain the movie thoroughly?
Because I couldn't - it's either that I am not good in explaining stuff or I just don't know how to start... And this was all I could say to those who had not watched the movie: "..You have to watch it.. Just watch it and you'll understand!"


Okay, this blog is NOT dead.. I've been too busy with assignments and homework so I haven't been visiting here (and not to mention, Flickr) as often as I used to. :(

I miss photography.. I do make the effort to take my camera out with me to uni but I am just too stressed out, tired and worried for any inspirations...

And no, this does NOT mean I'm giving up photography! I'll get back to soon as I can... :(


Alright, time to stop typing and get ready for another day at uni. TGIF? Nope... Not after this whole LDR thing started.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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