Wednesday, April 13, 2011

.don't date guys who took business major?

(will place an appropriate photo up later on)

two of my girl friends came over to my place a couple of weeks back and we had a good time catching up and talking about non-final-project related things. one of the interesting topics of the day was "what kind of a guy are you looking for?"

now, this was my question, to the both of them, who are currently single.

one said she don't mind a designer, a non-multimedia-design one.. perhaps an architect or industrial designer.

the other don't mind engineers, or designers.

"and what about business?" i said.

"NO!!!!!" they replied together.

"why not???" i asked (amused at this point, because SF is a banking/finance guy).

"they're cheapskate." "they are tight with money." were their replies.

haha! well sure, i agree with them, but as long as they know their limits, it's cool. SF would only try to stop me if i were making big purchases, like a new camera. but from my experience, i reckon business-guys are better with money management, and they have the tendency to plan for the future earlier than their peers from other majors. the "tight with money" bit does get on my nerves sometime, but 90% of the time i reckon it's great.

i suck with money management, so i think it would be great to have someone whom i can trust to help me with my finances (with the exception of telling me NOT to buy anything).

so yeah, girls, if you're still in uni and single, go to the business school section and find someone.. that is, if you want a comfortable retirement life!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

.yes no yes no yes no

Lens. Time for a new lens, I reckon? The last one I bought was an Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM and that was 3 years ago.

I've been going back and forth between an ultrawide and prime – the EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM or the EF 50mm f/1.2L II. Both cost well over a thousand dollars... Australian dollars (we all know how the Aussie dollar has been shooting upward like there's no tomorrow).


So.. What's my conclusion?


Not getting either lenses for a while..... Because...

I'm saving up for a dream wedding photographer (research done) – I reckon it's the most important element in a wedding ceremony because it's going to stay with you for a life time. I probably won't want to get angry every time I open up my wedding photograph album simply because of crap photography. This will be good money well-spent!

And um nope, I'm not getting married yet – I just want to save up in case it's happening in the next few years.

Seriously, there is no signs of wedding bells on my side just yet! Top priority for us right now is to earn as much money as we can while we're still in our 20's. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

.because it's time to update?

yeah.. because it has been a while since i did some proper, positive update about myself. what happened to the days when i'd blog almost everyday, sometimes 2-3 times a day!?

maybe i'm getting old... or i'm just plain lazy. i choose the latter.

hmm.. let's see... what do you want to know? i guess you'll probably want to know that i'm almost halfway through my final semester of graduate school. yes, iamfinishingupmymaster'sdegreeandi'mfreakingout!!!!! this semester, i'm only enrolled in 1 unit and it's all about writing your own project brief and being self-disciplined enough to finish them by end of June. yep, it's actually quite fun to be able to finally do something you wanna do, rather than having to do something according to assignment briefs written by lecturers/tutors.

and what am i doing this semester? umm i'm kinda lazy to explain, so here are the key words: children's storybook, digital story telling, Japanese culture, One-Inch Samurai (一寸法師).

other than that, i do go out for a walk sometime, invite friends over, running errands, house chores, and umm.. well.. okay, that's about it – the rest of the time is spent working on the project.

what else is new? i got a new macbook pro after 3.6 years and am hoping that this one will last a little longer than the last one, and managed to poison SF with photography. YES, he is hooked to HDR right now and got me to pick up a 2nd hand Canon 40D for him recently. too bad he can't have the camera yet, unless he decides to visit me soon.

and what else is still the same? SF and i are still LDR-ing. yep, just like last year, except that i'm used to living alone now.. sure, i still do get depressed at times but i'm able to deal with loneliness better than 12 months ago. my dad suggested that we don't remain on LDR for too well, let's hope that everything will go back to normal soon. (:

yep, and that's all. back to work!
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