Thursday, May 16, 2013

.it's official

Hello readers (if any of you are still following my blog, that is),

I would like to take this opportunity to announce my marriage to SF.
Yep, after being together for 9 years and 11 months!

Everything is still the same I guess, except that we now have that official piece of paper in our drawer. :)

I am one happy bride I tell ya! I got myself a lovely MTM dress on my recent trip home to Malaysia for a really good price.
And I met an inspiring florist here in Melbourne who created my bouquet as well as the man's boutonnière!
I have to say that these are the nicest bouquet-boutonnière combo I have ever seen. Hehe.

Anyway, it's all done. My parents got a new son; my siblings got a new brother; I got a new set of parents and siblings.
Most importantly, I now have a husband and I am someone's wife.


On an unrelated note, we have just gone through our engagement photo session a little over a week ago with a really fun-loving photographer who couldn't stop cracking us up the whole time! Will share links to the photos when they are ready! :)

Dress: Sweet Princess Boutique Wedding
Flowers: Botanics Melbourne
Venue: Old Treasury Building

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