Sunday, February 28, 2010

.love is..

being loved.

...when someone patiently assures you at least a million times a day that everything is going to be fine. after months of tears and whining, it has finally arrived.. and i am glad it came so soon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

.double joy

dual celebration.

Here's a fact for those of you who don't already know – Lunar New Year and St. Valentines Day happened to be on the same day this year. Yup, 14/02/2010.

For Chinese families, Lunar New Year is one of the biggest celebration of the year.. It's definitely a lot more important than Christmas, at least for my family, since we don't really do anything on 25th December every year.

It is mandatory for everyone to get together on Lunar New Year eve for a reunion dinner – no excuses.

My dad likes to have an open house party every year on the first day of Lunar New Year.. So instead of us going out to visit friends/relatives, people would come over instead.. And one of the chores my sister and I were given is to prepare the red envelopes – RM10 in each one.

red envelope preparation.

As for Valentines Day, it doesn't really effect SF and myself since we don't really do Vday stuff (I wouldn't mind if we do though).. And for the others, I guess they would have to celebrate sometime before or after Lunar New Year.

Sooo.. Happy Lunar New Year everyone, and for those of you who managed to celebrate Vday, hope you guys had a great time!

Feel free to check out more Lunar New Year photos over the next couple of weeks on my Flickr!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

.some random update

Seafood night (bokeh).

I was wanting to get a new pair of jeans from Levi's. A sales girl smiled as I entered the store, and asked if I needed any help. "I'm just browsing, thanks. :)" was all I said. The sales girl decided to tag along behind like a puppy anyway, and that made me really, really uncomfortable. I left the store two minutes later, empty-handed.

What do y'all think?
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