Sunday, June 24, 2012

.9 years together

The honeymoon period is long gone but there is an increase in "chemistry" on a daily basis.

<3 !

Friday, June 22, 2012

.I need more 3G data

Well maybe there's already something like that in Australia, but I was wondering, like, wouldn't it be better if we could "customize" our mobile phone plans?

For example, a person like me prefer conversing over iMessage and What's App rather than calling (I'm not good with this whole verbal communication thing, really) would benefit from extra 3G data's. I would prefer to have 70% data and 30% call/SMS.

Alternatively, for people like my parents who call people all the time rather than text, they would want more call time than data plan, so maybe they could go for 90% call/SMS and 10% data.. or even 100% call/SMS and pay for data per MB.

Yea??? You agree with me???

And so I hope that Telco companies could start altering their phone plans a little bit – just because something worked 5 years ago doesn't mean it will work in another 5 years time... right?

Yep, that would be all for tonight. Peace.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

.the bridesmaid experience

First of all, congratulations XK + LX for tying the knot! And secondly, this is like, the most casual yet funky wedding I have ever been to!

Also, this is the first time I have gotten involved with a wedding planning, so it was all fun and nice!

And and and, this is my first bridesmaid experience, AND I caught the bouquet!!! !!! !!!

The best part of the day is probably during the tea ceremony between the bride + groom and the bride's parents, when XK called his new mom-in-law ("MAAAA, have tea!!!") loudly. Haha!

Ohhh.. It was so good! :) :) :)

Can't wait to do their pre-wedding photo shoot! Or maybe we should call it post-wedding since it is to be done 4.5 months after their wedding day. :)
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