Saturday, August 21, 2010

.fact of the day

I have the tendency to go on a photo walk by myself when I'm upset over stuff.. And so yea, I was pretty depressed and stressed out for the past couple of days. Instead of staying home that night to work on my essay, which is due Monday, I decided that I wanna go somewhere..alone.

Eureka Skydeck 88 is my favorite place to reflect.. Guess what? I spent 5 hours on the observatory the last time when I was sad.

I decided to buy an annual pass anyway, since the price is reasonable and it's always good to know that there is a favorite spot I can go to whenever I like.

So there.. This is one of my favorite photos from last night's Skydeck session. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

.one of my ambitions?

5D2 in film studio.

Third semester of postgraduate has not given me an answer as to what my ultimate dream job is.

But I know I'm definitely going to stay in the design field for the rest of my life.

Design –> Multimedia Design –> _____???_____

I still don't know what I'd like to sign up for when I leave Monash University into the real world.. It's quite a scary thought really.. I would like to be able to start building up my career within one to two months after graduation..if possible.

So there was this period of time where I wanted to be a film director. It doesn't have to be as big as one of those Hollywood films – I'll be happy as long as I can direct a film, even if it's a series of short films.

And then there is also photography. As far as my skill is concerned, I'm only confident with landscape photography.. And through my own observations, professional event and wedding photographers are the ones who earn pretty easily, as long as they have enough contacts..
I don't want to be an event/wedding photographer.. So it's out of the question.

Motion graphic artist. How about that?
I'm still not quite up to scratch with softwares like AfterEffects and Flash, and will probably need at least two to three more years to master 'em. Not enough time.

Illustrator? Graphic Designer?

But I want to do something that's related to what I've studied in my postgraduate know.. Like something multimedia.

And I certainly don't want to end up in a job that's unrelated.

Oh wait, there is also the whole it's-hard-to-get-a-full-time-job-if-you-are-not-a-resident-in-this-country..


What now what now what now????????

Some of you probably are wanting to tell me to just finish my degree first before worrying.. But for me, I think it's best if I start on some thing as soon as I'm done.

I should start writing up a CV as soon as I finish the semester, and see if close friends/family can get me a few contacts so I could do a bit of casual freelance over the 3.5 months break.

Hmmmmm... And time to think about a domain name for my official site!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

.the concept of queuing up

Expo 2010 Shanghai China: Queuing to enter the Switzerland Pavilion.

I hate crowds. And Expo 2010 was extremely crowded, considering that it's summer break, kids are on holidays, and adults are wanting to experience the pavilions at the Expo 2010.

Summer break + Hot Weather + Obnoxious little brats = Horrible Combination!!!

I decided I'd be able to get through the Expo without too much trouble.. But nooooooooo...

Okay, first, when I got back, the very, very first question I got from people around me was, "How was the expo!?!?"

My answer?

"................. *shakes head* It was HOT, HUMID, PEOPLE WERE PUSHING and THEY KEPT WANTING TO STICK TO YOU!!!"

IT WAS A HORRIFYING EXPERIENCE! My family and I actually spent 1.5 hour queuing up to get inside the Switzerland Pavilion... I felt kinda bad for making them go through this with me, considering that I was the only one who wanted to see the pavilion badly.. But I'm glad they kind of enjoyed the chair lift in the pavilion. :)

Chair lift ride in the Switzerland Pavilion.

In that 1.5 hour, I was pushed by two annoying Chinese brats who are probably spoiled by their parents due to the fact that they are the only children (and sons) in their families. One of them annoyed the hell out of my mom until my mom lightly threatened him, which scared him. Great job, mom!

The second incident was probably much more interesting than the first one. A fat Chinese lady decided she would cut my queue, which probably isn't the best idea because I decided to kick her heels (continuously) on purpose. My dad was behind me and I'm sure he would stand by me no matter what. So that fat lady turned back, glared at me and eventually got reprimanded by my dad (loudly). Haha!

Fat Chinese lady was such a coward that she didn't dare look at my dad. *shakes head*


So back to the subject. Just what is it that makes queuing so hard for majority of the people in that country????? I really don't understand. Why push when none of us are moving forward in the queue!?!?

I swear, my impression of majority of the people in that country is...more than bad.

Perhaps this is why I get pretty offended when people assume I'm from China, purely based on my skin color.


But hey, not all of them are like that.. I've got quite a few awesome and fun-loving Chinese friends and I think a couple of them read this blog on a regular basis. : 3 So you guys know I'm only talking bad about THOSE people (you know what I mean. Hehe.)

Still, I'd say, go take a look at the Expo before it ends in late-October! If you do want to check out the pavilions, it's best to do so in the evening when there is little or no queue, and not forgetting that it wouldn't be as humid.


Check out my Flickr set for all the Expo 2010 photos I have taken. I'll try to get everything up as soon as I can!!!

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