Saturday, August 13, 2011

sorry for the impromptu hiatus - thought I should do a little bit of update.

so.. let's start with the big thing.

the big thing is.. I moved to a new place.. not just another new place, but a SHARE house! I never thought I'd be able to share a place with someone but I thought I'd try anyway, since this is the very last chance for me to do so. it's all good considering that my housemate and I each get our own bedrooms and bathrooms, so loads of private space, really. :)

in other news, I'm still in an LDR.. and I'm getting really scared. it's been well over 1.5 year now and we still don't know how long we've got with this LDR thing.. :(

also... I'm in the midst of planning a little something for my future right now... Some of you may already know what it is but I think I should probably reveal it here later when everything is confirmed.. so.. good luck to me!

...anything else I missed out?
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