Monday, June 29, 2009

.more about swine flu


Nobody here in Melbourne seem to give a damn about the swine flu (H1N1) much, even though the city has been branded the Swine Flu Capital of the World.

I do know a handful of people who have over-reacted.. In fact, one of them have even chided me for not taking this seriously (you know who you are) and later came to realize that the swine flu is pretty similar to that of a common flu. (-_-' )

This would be the time of the year when I am about to take off for Singapore (+ Malaysia) to visit my family. I won't be heading back until end of year (hopefully) since 1. I will have to quarantine myself for a week, and that means missing out on favorite local delicacies outside for 7 days.. And 2. I am still on bridging visa (waiting to see if I become Australian PR) and so I am not allowed to leave Australia without special permission.

(._. )

(*-* )

Our normal routine remains, whether there is swine flu or not. And for God's sake, put away those masks! You'll make me think that you are the one with swine flu instead!

.we heart campbell

Campbell's soups are the best!

One of us likes chicken soup.. And the other likes mushroom soup. I reckon this happens to a lot of other couples or family members a lot and so Campbell has decided to come up with a combination of both - Cream of Chicken and Mushroom soup.

I don't know how healthy this is (probably not as healthy since it's canned soup) but it's so good that we could eat 2 - 3 cans in 1.5 week. Umm.. Okay, is that a little too much?

Oh and just so you know, this soup goes really well with garlic bread. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


100 tea bags

SF and I went grocery shopping at Woolworths the other day to stock up for our very empty cupboard and fridge.

And.. Well, everyone knows that I can't live without tea, and I drink tea almost everyday. So I had to stock up on my all time favorite Dilmah Ceylon tea and headed over to the tea section.

There are packets of 50, 100 or 200 tea bags. I was going to grab the pack of 50 and thought I'd check out the price of 100 tea bags.

50 tea bags – $2.99
100 tea bags – $2.99

"Huh??? They are the same price??? Really!!???!?" I thought.

So I dragged SF over and asked him to double check for me, because I simply couldn't believe my eyes. I think the boy got a shock too but didn't show it. He merely said, "Just grab the pack of 100, if you want?"

And that's how I ended up with this huge packet of Ceylon tea. And I'm sure we'll use up the tea bags before we know it. :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

.gone for a good reason

Unboxing the Sims III.

It has been a week and a half since my last update. I hope everyone's doing great as we speak. :)

Soooooo... I guess I will do a bit of explaining about my recent close-to-10-days disappearance. But umm, the photo have probably explained it well for me.

Heehee! Yes, I have been addicted to the Sims 3 for the past.. week and a half! It's such a great game, in fact, it's my all time favorite! :P

I've played the Sims 1 for a little bit shortly before buying Sims 2, which was a whole lot better. And I have been playing them since.

And now, it's Sims 3. The build/buy mode fulfills the architecture part of me and the Sims that I have created would achieve dreams that I can never have in real life. ;)


And now, I shall do a little bit of catching up with Flickr and some other internet chores before going back to the game.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

.the future

New Quay, Docklands.

I love New Quay. I really do.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

.updates 06.06.09

Victoria's Sunrise. Taken by SF.

I should probably do a proper update now since I don't feel like doing anything else but blogging.

Pig Flu

"Melbourne is the Swine Flu Capital of the World!" – You probably would have seen this quote on most major newspapers by now. Great! Victoria (particularly Melbourne) is finally getting some big attention from the whole of  planet Earth! :D


Digital, that is. I'm starting to love this technique! Hmm.. Oh, that reminds me, I still have seven overdue 120mm's and 1 35mm that I have yet to send to the shop for cross processing. I think I'll be expecting to spend close to A$100. :| Hopefully less, since a few Flickr buddies have recommended places in Melbourne that do cheap film developing.

Check out my xpro set on Flickr!

Starting a Brand New Chapter of Life

I am going back to school in 1.5 month time! And I am starting to feel jumpy about assignments, lectures/tutorials, etc. Can I really handle two more years of education?

SF says that postgraduate studies are a whole lot better and different than that of undergraduate, and that postgrads students are usually a lot more mature and serious... So umm.. Will I fit in?

Hmmmm........ *ponders*

Thursday, June 4, 2009

.pig flu

I am stuck in Melbourne, Victoria.

ブタのインフルエンザ | 猪流感 | γρίπη των χοίρων | หมูไข้หวัดใหญ่ | 돼지 독감 | свиноместо гриппа | heo cảm cúm | pig flu | grippe porcine | свињски грипа | cūku gripa | cerdo gripe


My flight from Melbourne to Perth has took off 40 minutes ago. The family have planned on meeting up in Perth early June and we have all been anticipating the trip since a few months ago.

And so the swine flu comes. My parents decided to play safe and cancel the trip. My eldest sister and brother decided not to go in the end too. I was still planning on going because it might be a very good photography opportunity, and I don't want to waste $355 (return ticket) for nothing.

The H1N1 cases have been rising exponentially everyday. There are currently 752 cases in Victoria and I'm wanting to know how many of these 752 people have recovered. I guess we should really take this a little more seriously now that it's spreading like wild fire. SF has just commented that he wouldn't be surprised tomorrow if there are 1000+ cases tomorrow. :\


My life so far is still pretty normal, except that I don't do grocery shopping or other outside chores over the weekends anymore. I seriously have no idea how this pig flu nonsense is going to go away... But let's hope everything stabilizes before I start graduate school in July.

I still feel that the news have been exaggerating the H1N1 a little. But I'll probably avoid the northern suburbs for a while just in case. And I feel that majority of the population needs to increase their hygiene level.. Seriously. For example, I notice that not many people make the effort to use soap to wash their hands thoroughly after using public toilets. Eeeks.

So the question is, what do I do for the next 10 days? My June schedule has been ruined by the pig flu and I don't like last minute changes when things have been organized/planned nicely.

Ans: ...Guess I'll just stay home and do some work, since I can't go anywhere.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Waterfront City, Docklands.

I have no idea what to blog about today.
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