Thursday, August 27, 2009

.attack within the inside

Messed up in a good way.

It's happening again.......... Approximately an hour ago, I developed this sudden panic attack and it lasted for about an hour, until I put on my headphone and turned on the iPod...

I'm still feeling a little anxious, but it's getting better. What's happening though? I'm not particularly worried about anything other than my assignments.. And I think I am on track, not falling behind or anything.


All I know is that.. I'm scared.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Rush.

It kind of reminded me of early April last year, when I'd experienced my first ever sandstorm.

Remember that sandstorm in Melbourne last year? Where trees fell, killed a couple of pedestrians and ruined a Porsche Boxster? Well, it was almost like that today.

People were told to leave work an hour and a half early. Trains were packed. I started getting a little worried about how I am going to get off at Melbourne Central Station the train arrived at Southern Cross Station approximately 3.35pm this afternoon. I was wondering to myself, "Does people actually leave work at 3.40pm? I thought 'peak hour' usually begins at 5???"

And then I remember seeing a Twitter post on my phone from Connex, advising people to leave early. I didn't take it seriously when I first read it.. Until a whole crowd of students and working people board the train in the City Loop stations.

"Gah! How am I supposed to get out!?!?!?!?!?!???" I thought, as the train approached Melb Central. "Excuse me. Sorry. 'cuse me. Thanks. Excuse me." ...I nearly couldn't get off the train!!!
So that's how it's like everyday during peak hour... :\

But hey, that's not it. While walking home from the train station, the wind was soooo strong and I had to put on a little more force than usual to walk forwards. I walked along this construction site and got sand in my eye along the way, which made me think that there was going to be another wave of sand storm this year.


All's good, don't worry.. For those of you who'd thought I got blown away, no, I got home safely before the storm visited Melbourne CBD. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

.ya lookin' for me?

Chubby Bunnies.

Aryen and I were in the middle of baking cookies when all of a sudden, she pointed behind me and said, "Hey, they are looking for you."

I was wondering who "they" were.. So I turned around and realize the bunnies were both staring at me from the balcony.. Aww! It seems like they remember me from my last visit (over a month ago). :D

These chubbsters must be wondering why I was hiding behind that big black object (my camera) when I looked at them.. LOL.


Study study study.

Assignments are pouring in like there's no tomorrow...

Pro: This is a great opportunity for me to build up my portfolio.
Con: I'm starting to feel a little sleep deprived.

Sure, these assignments aren't due for another couple of weeks but I'm hoping to finish them at least 1 week before deadline, so that I can start on the other assignments that are due later on, and get a little bit of time off before exam reviews.

I am working hard, but not hard enough to meet my personal deadlines.. I guess I'll have to sacrifice quite a bit of beauty sleep to get there... :\

But umm.. You know, I really want to get out of Melbourne for a bit.. Just for a day. I wanna visit places in Victoria that I have never been.

SF, please take me somewhere.. Far far away from Melbourne.. Just for a day. I beg you.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

.the one about waking up early


I was talking to my dad on the phone the other night and told him all about my schedule for the semester when he asked.

Dad: So what time are your classes normally?
Me: Hmmm sometimes morning, sometimes afternoon.
Dad: Morning? How early??
Me: Like, early. I have to get up 7.30am on Tuesdays.
Dad: (knowing that I don't normally get up before 11am) SO EARLY??? You can get up that early??? *there was a tinge of humor in his voice - I could tell he was grinning*
Me: Haha of course I can, no choice right?


Anyways, yes, I have been waking up early twice every week. It's not easy to be honest, but knowing that this is the very final time I am a student, I'd have to cherish every moment of the chapter.. And I won't be skipping classes for reasons like "Oh-I'm-so-tired-today" or "I-need-to-finish-up-assignment-for-this-other-unit" like I did back in the undergraduate days...

Hmm.. Does it mean that I've matured a little bit over the past six months? :P

I can never wake up early on most days because it's hard for me to fall asleep before 2.30am every night. I'm nocturnal, I am more motivated to work on stuff during the early hours of the morning when the streets* are quiet and that everyone's off to slumberland. I don't know why, but that's just me... Although I do envy a friend who works better in the morning than any other time of the day.

Waking up early means I get to see the sun rise from my east-facing apartment unit. I guess that means I'll be taking loads of morning photos so don't be surprised to see a bunch of them on Flickr in the next couple of months! ;)


*I live in the CBD area in Melbourne where traffic is everywhere.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

.just passing by...

Just Passing By...

2 stops away from Caulfield Railway Station.

On a random note, I missed the Cranbourne train narrowly this morning... I was wanting to get on a limited express train (usually the Frankston ones)... And ended up causing a drama upon myself.

So I hopped on the train that stops at Flinders Street station and thought I could quickly jump onto another platform to catch my train to uni. The train stopped on platform 7, and I ran towards platform 8 and realize that there are no trains on that platform. So I panicked, ran back to platform 7 (the Cranbourne/Pakenham platform) and there was nothing.

I ran up the escalator to check for the next available train to Caulfield.

The screen reads "Frankston - platform 8". A train has just arrived on platform 8. So, along with a bunch of people catching the same train, I ran back down to Platform 8. People were getting off and getting on the train.. It was a little chaotic. Is it always like this at Flinders Street 8.30 in the morning???

And finally, I got on the train and managed to arrive 10 minutes before studio.

What a way to start the morning.

Monday, August 3, 2009

.my daily journey

Please stand behind the yellow line.

That's me waiting on platform 1 in Caulfield Station the other day.

I am not busy or tired or anything, but I seriously have no idea what I should blog about... So umm.. back to reading!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

.our future is all blurred out


I am not alright with the fact that you might have to leave me here by myself.. But I know there is nothing we can do if that really happens.. I won't be okay for the first half of the year without you by my side but I know I will get by eventually.

Eventually.. Umm.. When? I am not sure. All I know is that I will pray for you to return to Melbourne really really soon.. And I hope it's not going to be longer than two years.

After all, we are not the only couple that have to live apart.. I take comfort in the fact that a few of my friends are also in a long distance relationship and they are doing well. I should start learning a thing or two from them.

If only things would work out nicely...

Our future is all blurred out.. I don't know what's going to happen in the next few months, but I know that you'll always be the one for me.
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