Wednesday, March 23, 2011

.because crying scares people away

Maybe it's just today, or maybe it has been a while.
But I feel so isolated from the people who are thousands of miles away from me right now..
Sudden, I feel like this selfish person who don't want to help them, despite our close relationships..
And suddenly, I feel like I'm some sort of stranger to them, that they'd rather get help from people who are not close to them than me.

I don't know why so many people could actually choose not to believe me, especially when I'm close with them...
Or maybe this is just a one-sided feeling, that they don't feel like they're close to me while I feel comfortable with them.

It really hurts.. Even if it's just over some small favor...
And now I'm very confused, is it my fault, or is it their fault?
Why am I made to feel like the bad person now?

And worse, why am I the last person you'd wanna approach for help, when I'm supposedly the closest person to you? It really hurts... I never knew it would hurt this much.. really..

And because crying scares people away, I have to go through the pain of preventing my tears from falling in front of people... Is it really wrong to be someone who has got a little too much emotions on hand?

Can someone tell me? Is it wrong to be an overly sensitive person?

Friday, March 4, 2011

.i discovered something new about him

yep, despite being together for over 7.5 years, we still have new things about each other to discover.
I just found out that SF and I share the EXACT SAME eye-degree!

All these years I've been bugging him about this and he's never told me.. well, because he wasn't really sure.

"So we can share a packet of contact lenses now." He said.

Well, it is the same, but total opposite. I'm -1.75 on the left, -2.00 on the right and his is the opposite of mine.

What are the odds of that! LOL.
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