Monday, May 28, 2012

.life experience

A lot has happened in the short spam of a month, and they are both good and bad. Well mostly bad, but it's still a good lesson.
I'm not going to elaborate here as the whole story is a little too personal... I was feeling crummy about it for a week and I guess I'm alright now, slowly picking up where I left off.


So, here are the random updates.

A lot of people are getting hitched this year, it seems. On my side, there are three couples tying the knot! >_< I'm so going to take this opportunity to build up my wedding photography portfolio. :) :) :)

And and and we are doing our pre-wedding portraits early next year!!! I've been dying for this to happen and we're finally getting it done. I'm in the middle of all that booking/researching/theme planning so it's all very exciting to me! ^_^

In the mean time, I guess I'll have to try and get more (pre-wedding) clients so I can fund my own pre-wedding photo shoot. :)


Before I end this post, here's a photo collage of my first attempt with omurice. :)

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