Monday, July 16, 2012

.the new sleep pattern

I am still pretty awake, despite waking up at 7.25am this morning.

Well, I guess this is a "change-for-the-better", since I used to sleep in till at least 10.30am...!

Ever since SF started this new job, he has to wake up early so he could catch the train and get to work on time.. This has somehow affected my sleep pattern too.

First week was pretty bad, I was groggy and sleepy and unhappy for the whole week.

Second week got better, although I was still a little unimpressed with having to wake up so early.

Third week was neutral, no complaints there.

And this is the fourth week of sleeping and waking up early. Somehow, this feels pretty normal.. And I have also picked up a new habit of eating breakfast.

I find that I could do so much more by waking up early.. Oh and not to mention, time seem to slow down a little too, which is just what I need considering the BIG amount of work I have to do (sigh).

Oh well, it's back to work now... Although I wish I could be given a little more appreciation for the effort I am putting in.
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